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From the Ground Up .......

DK DydeeKnitsComment

Hi!  I'm over here.....can you see me?  I'm Seed.  WRC that is.  I'm a little one.  Yeah I know, it's really hard to see me.  I use to have wings you know.  They fell off though.  But that's ok 'cause my wings helped get me to where I am today and I don't need them anymore.  I came out of a cone from that big tree over there. Do you know what a Thuja plicata is?  Well it's me, a genuine Western RedCedar.  I'm a WRC seed and  I'm gonna' be a huge, huge coniferous tree, or I will be that is, one day, once I get a sprout.   I'm on my way, and really, really soon, like my cousin Sprout over there, I'll grow a sprout too!  Can you see my cousin Sprout from where you are? We make a good pair because we're related.  Do you got a cousin?