Creative Knitwear Designs and Knitting Patterns

a journey unfolds

DK DydeeKnitsComment

For the past few years I have followed a dream.  

I have quietly admired the tweed for a good part of my life.  Passionately intrigued by the simplicity, yet intricate intertwine of thread and colour. Textures are another component of luxury and deliciousness.  

A muse of weave, colour and textures combined, simply enthralls me.  Each unto itself is beauty. Together, breathtaking.  For me, this muse, is the centre point, deeply rooted within the belly, that influences my creative mind to unfold designs that touch upon the branches of life and the heart and soul of being.  

Today is an exciting day to share the designs and patterns from my new collection of DK Knitwear ~ Salt of the Earth.  

As the days ahead unfold, I share with you my journey.   kindness and graditude,  DK