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DK Bellabean & DK Fergus!

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There is excitement in the needles as I test out a few different yarns and a couple of new DK designs! That's DK Harris looking very gorgeous in Zealana Rimu, Merino & Brushtail Possum,  plus two new hat designs for spring, DK  Bellabean and DK Fergus!  

DK Islay

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DK Islay is a heart-of-a-shawl, for some a working shawl, made to be worn day-to-day to adorn the shoulders and add that little bit of comfort and warmth to the back, neck and chest. The exquisite simplicity of the tweed pattern creates beautiful texture and stitch definition. My favorite yarn of choice for DK Islay is from a colour palette of  100% Shetland wool from the Shetland Islands.  What is yours?

DK Islay2_DK.jpg

a journey unfolds

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For the past few years I have followed a dream.  

I have quietly admired the tweed for a good part of my life.  Passionately intrigued by the simplicity, yet intricate intertwine of thread and colour. Textures are another component of luxury and deliciousness.  

A muse of weave, colour and textures combined, simply enthralls me.  Each unto itself is beauty. Together, breathtaking.  For me, this muse, is the centre point, deeply rooted within the belly, that influences my creative mind to unfold designs that touch upon the branches of life and the heart and soul of being.  

Today is an exciting day to share the designs and patterns from my new collection of DK Knitwear ~ Salt of the Earth.  

As the days ahead unfold, I share with you my journey.   kindness and graditude,  DK

Cat's Eyes

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Pssst...Hey Seed, looks what's coming..........Try to be really, really still and not sway your branches or leaves.  Over there.....  Do you see it?  It's heading toward that open area where the sun beams are, just across from that rock bluff where I first spotted it.  Wow, look at it's paws as it strides.   I thought a cougar would be a smaller animal, but this one looks pretty big next to that tree, and as it meanders along.  What beautiful eyes it has.  I wonder what it is looking for?

branching out

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Hey Seed,  Check this out ..... I got another new branch!  All this warm weather, sunshine, rain and forest nutrients sure are making me grow fast.  I'm already taller than most of the new growth of Salal, Solman's Seal and Salmonberry plants here in the forest understory.  This is so cool!  We are going to be the new generation of Western Red Cedar saplings before we know it!

fresh tracks

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Whoa! Those are huge!  Have you ever seen tracks that big ever? I didn't hear anything did you?  How could we have missed seeing them pass by?  Look, there are different shaped tracks, some bigger and some smaller paw tracks.  I wonder why?  Sapling heard that there are fresh claw markings on a large fir tree down along the river, near where two little black bear cubs were sited playing and romping about.   Black Bears are really good at climbing trees, using their forepaws and claws with their hind legs to climb the tree trunk and then lodge themselves between branches to view the forest and surroundings.  Amazing!  One day we could have a Black Bear climb up and hang out on our branches Sprout! 


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Do you know what Seed .... we've been growing so much we're actually seedlings now!  We both have little branches and we've got a wee bit of bark on us too!  We're going to keep growing tall and lanky like Sapling is ........ then we'll grow even taller and get thick like Old Growth is.  Sometimes I wonder how all this growing happens.  I even have roots that are growing deep down into the rich mineral soil where there's water and nutrients that help us grow.  We sure are amazing, and so are all the trees and plants and wildlife that live in our forest!  

I think I still want to be called Sprout though because I'm still a little tree and I like being called Sprout, even if I am really a seedling. 


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Quick Sprout!  Be on the look out ...... there is a furry animal hopping your way, its greyish brown, has two eyes, two big feet, two little feet, two long ears and a pompom tail! 

It is called a gyuu jing, sququwe'th................  and a stukwliin  !