Creative Knitwear Designs and Knitting Patterns


Shawls, Shawlettes, Scarfs and Wraps:

Socks and Leg Warmers:

  • DK Antler Leg Warmers
  • DK Antler Socks
  • DK Cedar Socks
  • DK Dragon Socks
  • DK Fireweed LegWarmers
  • DK Fireweed Socks
  • DK Flinders - Hiking Socks
  • DK Free 2 Grow Socks
  • DK OldGrowth Leg Warmers & Socks
  • DK Riggin' Socks
  • DK Seedling Sport Socks
  • DK Swordfern Leg Warmers

Hats, Infinity Scarfs, Cowls and Warmers:

Mitts, Wristies and Arm Warmers

Skirts, Boleros and Vests

Cardigans, Tunics and Tops

  • DK Calena
  • DK Yarra
  • DK Brighton
  • DK Indigo
  • DK Farrow
  • DK Wisteria
  • DK Yarra

Kids and Tots

Here at DK-DydeeKnits / DK Knitwear we strive to provide accurate patterns, although now and then an error is discovered which we immediately correct, update the PDF file  and send out the updated pattern to purchasers.  If you purchased a pattern and did not successfully receive an update, please touch base with us at and just let us know when you purchased the pattern and we'll be happy to send the updated publication. If you feel that a pattern contains an error, please let us know.  We are happy to review and take time to respond to any inquiries or suggestions.  We truly appreciate our customers and do our very best to create beautiful designs and patterns for enjoyable knitting. Thank you for your support!